Movies of Systema Amsterdam

Een paar kleine filmpjes die we de afgelopen tijd hebben gemaakt tijdens trainingen en seminars ... Kleine opmerking vooraf, niets is gechoreografeerd zoals in de meeste vechtsporten- en kunsten. Systema gebruikt geen technieken, maar werkt met principes waarbij de nadruk ligt op ademhaling, continuïteit, economisch- en onvoorspelbare bewegingen.

Summer training & BBQ Party July 2018

Small after movie of the summer training 2018. Our instructors did a great job to make this training day a big succes. Honest training!

Strikes on the move

It is important in Systema to be able to strike from any position and movement. This can only be done when the body and mind is relaxed. Striking from tension is not wrong! But will lock you because it is a form that is created by tension and you will not be able to move free to escape, strike etc.. Always be free. 

Knife Special 

Teachings form Knife Masterclass Toronto HQ 2017 and All Things Knife seminar Belgium by Vladimir Vasiliev. Exploring movement and use of knife, strikes and legs as defense. 

Adam & Brendon Zettler International seminar 2018

This was the first we hosted Adam & Brendon Zettler to Amsterdam for a 4 day seminar and will not be the last time! 

Personal Protection special 

Teachings from Patrick's trip to Systema Toronto HQ jan 2018 where he was trained by Vladimir Vasiliev on Personal Protection.

Subtile work

it is important not to provoke your opponent by sudden movements because this brings your opponent into a natural defensive state!

Breathing & Conditioning

Systema Breathing & Conditioning.

Exploring joint manipulation 

Systema is an expression of your creativity based on principles.

Mikhail Ryabko International seminar Amsterdam 2017

Mikhail Ryabko International seminar Amsterdam 2017

Systema Breathing & Conditioning Special

Systema Breathing & conditioning 

Strikes on the Move Special

It was a pleasure exploring movement and being in a comfortable position to strike. Great energy that day and most important lots of fun!

Strikes: Soul meets Body Special 

Lessons from Patrick's visit to Systema Toronto HQ april/ may 2016 and seminars of Vladimir Vasliev Strikes: Soul meets Body also in 2016

Improvised weapons special

Lessons form Patrick's visit to Systema Toronto HQ in 2016 during the masterclass Improvised Weapons by Vladimir Vasiliev

Kwan Lee International seminar Amsterdam 2016

This was during Kan Lee's 'Fundamentals of Systema' seminar in Amsterdam 2016.

Kwan Lee International seminar Amsterdam 2015

The fist time we invited Kwan Lee to Amsterdam with his Strength & Flexibility and Strikes & Kicks in 2015