“Conscious in motion” Systema Seminar by Josafath Herrera 21- 23 November Amsterdam.

In November 2014 we invite you to train with Josafath Herrera from Mexico City. This is the first time Josafath is teaching in Europe and we promise you a weekend you will remember and benefit from for a long time. Enjoy a customized approach where you’ll learn to follow movement principles over technical skills and drills. The opportunity to do the same, but in a different way. The chance to get better in the skills that really fit into your structure and movements. More than learn new fancy drills (which most of the time turn out to become a bad copy of the instructor’s moves).

Organizers: Diana van Donselaar, Gerjan Jongh and Patrick van het Nederend are proud to offer you this event.


Friday 21, Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 November

Friday 19:30 till 22:00 hour
Saturday 10:00 till 17:00 hour
Sunday 10:00 till 17:00 hour

Friday, Saturday and Sunday € 125,-
Saturday and Sunday € 100,-
Friday € 40,-
Saturday or Sunday € 70,-

There is a limited amount of places available, your payment functions as confirmation of the application.

Josafath Herera Systema Amsterdam 2014

Location Friday
M.F.C 't Binnenhof (Systema Amsterdam Location)
A.J. Ernststraat 112
1082 LP Amsterdam

Location Saturday & Sunday:
Sport Centrum Caland
Eliza van Calcarstraat 2
1068 RR Amsterdam

More info about the theme and dinner party will follow soon..



Josafath Herrera

Josafath Herrera is a certified Russian Martial Art Instructor since 2007 (trained with Vladimir Vasiliev since 2004). On a daily bases he thoroughly examines and integrates insights from several sports, somatic movement, gymnastics, dancing methods, yoga and Slavic training methods. With a sincere and passionate focus on becoming better in Martial Arts and on becoming a better person. He wants to share his knowledge with you and really help you to improve your skills by working on a deeper and more effective level, based on following principles over techniques. If you want to know more about his vision, read the article on this facebook page.

Some background information: Josafath is the founder and director of both the Spiral Academy and Inkoga. The Spiral Academy is a training school where Systema, Selfdefence, Yoga and aerial training is offered. Inkoga is a security consultant and training company for Law enforcement, Bodyguards and Military in Mexico.

Mexico City is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, so he has trained many professionals and citizens in resilience and the ability to anticipate effectively to stressful situations. This makes him an effective and pragmatic trainer and coach: what he teaches needs to work on the street and in any context.

Josafath loves to work on different levels (psysical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and has a big variety in his approach. If you want to learn more about the ability to follow principles over technical drills and to show strength without using muscles, we invite you to attend. 


 Josafath Herrera Tribute and introduction