Breath, Relax and Move... 2016

Systema Amsterdam Noord Lokatie 2016

Kwan Lee Seminar Amsterdam 2015

Systema Besancon meets Systema Amsterdam July 2015

Guest Instructor: Fabien Fevre 

Amsterdam Summer Training July 2015

Solo Training (In progress) May 2015

 Smalll part of Sunday Class April 2015






Camera testing @ Amsterdam Training Center



Promo Movie Systema Amsterdam 2015






Sunday Class Systema Amsterdam Jan 2015






Kwan Lee komt naar Systema Amsterdam in September 2015!!!








 Sunday Class Jan 2015







Josafath Herrera at Systema Amsterdam November 2014.








Josafath Herrera is comming to Systema Amsterdam November 2014.








Matt Hill at Systema Amsterdam 2014.

 Small Movie Class Noord Locatie 2014.








Vladmir Vasiliev in Munster 2014 met oa Patrick van het Nederend 








Vladimir Vasiliev Amsterdam met o.a.  Peter Walland (Amsterdam) 2013.