A few small videos that we have done in recent times ... Small note beforehand, nothing is choreographed like in most martial arts. Systema does not use techniques but works with principles.

Work unpredictable 

Systema is not systema choreographed or based on techniques. Use of principles and unpredictable work is the key.

Personal Protection Seminar 2018 

Teachings from Patrick's trip to Systema Toronto HQ jan 2018 where he was trained by Vladimir Vasiliev on Personal Protection. 

It was a great day at the Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam. Participants form all over the Netherlands where precent and did some solid work with good spirit.

Be safe and protect the ones you love!

Subtile Work 

it is important not to provoke your opponent by sudden movements because this brings your opponent into a natural defensive state!

Strikes in the Making 

Short work practice is on of the main ideas we use in Systema. It doesn't show what you are doing and most important doesn't alarm the attacker. And one other thing other people don't mistake you for the agressor! 


Work in Progess 

Finding freedom to Strike without getting stuck in tension.  

We must remain humble in 'training and life itself'. Feeling where tension is not only physical but also psygological, these are ultimately connected to each other. Fins situations to challenge yourself and become better at what you de and as a person.

Be free in Body, Mind and Spirit!

Strikes on the Move seminar.

This was saturday 6 december 2017 at our school Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam.

It was a pleasure exploring movement and being in a comfortable position to strike. Great energy that day and most important lots of fun!

Intro Systema Breathing seminar 

This was saturday 28 october at out school Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam. An introduction of Systema Breathing & Conditioning;

  • 7 Principals of Systema Breathing 
  • Types of Breathing
  • Breath and Conditioning & Stretching 
  • Breath and Restore/ Recover
  • Breath and Fear & Pain

Developing to Hit Different 

A short clip about developing systema strikes. heavy deep strikes. This movie was taken during the Back from Systema Toronto HQ seminar september 2017 at out school Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam

Mikhail Ryabko Amsterdam 2017

This was during the biggest event we co-organized october 2017.

The topic was working in limited space and Mikhail showed us some awesome work! The space may be limited, but not your options and actions! 

Back from Systema Toronto Headquarters seminar 2017

This was saturday 9 september at our school Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam.

The topic was from Patrick's visit to Systema Toronto HQ august 2017 where Vladimir Vasiliev showed his view on internal work. Not all was showed that day during lack of time. 

Internal work is very important work - but you have to go true the Physical fase, then Skill fase and then make it more and more internal. The same as learning to play an instrument!

Relaxation gives you more option

This was during the Seminar: Strikes soul meets body seminar 11 june 2017 at the Amsterdam Training Center.

Off course this is Work in Progress.. we focus on the 4 main principles Breating, Relaxation, Structure and Movement.. Any tension or speeding up means you can not play this game successfully and during a long period of time, when someone is stronger, healthier etc.

This why we train..

Strikes : Souls meets Body seminar 

This was during the Seminar: Strikes soul meets body seminar 11 june 2017 at the Amsterdam Training Center.

Lessons from Patrick's visit to Systema Toronto HQ april/ may 2016 and seminars of Vladimir Vasliev Strikes: Soul meets Body also in 2016

Improvised Weapons seminar

This was during the seminar Improvised Weapons 12 march 2017 at the Amsterdam Training Center.

Lessons form Patrick's visit to Systema Toronto HQ in 2016 during the masterclass Improvised Weapons by Vladimir Vasiliev.

Kwan Lee Amsterdam 2016

This was during Kan Lee's 'Fundamentals of Systema' seminar in Amsterdam 2016.

This was the second time we invited our good friend Kwan Lee over for a two day seminar. 

We will have Kwan over in the future!

Kwan Lee Amsterdam 2015

The fist time we invited Kwan Lee to Amsterdam with his Strength & Flexibility and Strikes & Kicks in 2015

Josafath Herrera Amsterdam 2014

In 2014 we invited Josafath Herrera  form Mexico over in Amsterdam and he visit us almost every year and shares his great knowledge. We will invite him again!