Here the list of our past event we organized of where ask to teach a seminar... we also included Patrick's visit to his teacher Vladimir Vasiliev at Systema Toronto HQ... We left out the list of seminars we went to, it will be to long!


25 - 26 Mei - Ulick Burke 'Move in to Health' seminar Amsterdam.

7 April - Patrick van het Nederend 'Knife Special' seminar Amsterdam.

15 - 18 March - Adam & Brendon Zettler 'Dynamic Power' seminar Amsterdam. 

7 Feb - Patrick van het Nederend 'Personal Protection' seminar Amsterdam.

13 - 24 Feb - Visiting Vladimir Vasiliev at Systema Toronto Headquarters incl Personal Protection seminar Toronto. Canada.

7 Jan - Patrick van het Nederend 'Combative Body'  seminar and New Year Drinks Amsterdam.



9 Dec - Patrick van het Nederend 'Strikes on the Move' seminar Amsterdam.

28 Oct - Patrick van het Nederend 'intro Systema Breathing & Conditioning' seminar Amsterdam.

30 Sept - 1 Oct -  Mikhail Ryabko 'Working in Limited Space' seminar Amsterdam. 

9 Sept Patrick van het Nederend 'Back from Systema Toronto HQ' seminar Amsterdam.

5 - 15 Aug - Visiting Vladimir Vasilev ay Systema Toronto HQ incl 'Parameters of Power' seminar Toronto Canada.  

11 June - Patrick van het Nederend 'Strikes: Soul meets Body' seminar Amsterdam.

12 March - Patrick van het Nederend & Peter Walland 'Improvised Weapons' seminar Amsterdam. 

29 - 28 Jan - Patrick van het Nederend 'Les 24h Du Systema' seminar Besanqon France.

15 - 23 Jan - Visiting Vladimir Vasiliev at Systema Toronto HQ incl 'Knife Masterclass 2017' Toronto Canada.


12 Dec - Patrick van het Nederend & Peter Walland 'Use of Legs' seminar Amsterdam.

26 & 27 Nov - Kwan Lee 'Fundamentals of Systema' seminar Amsterdam.

17- 18 Sept - Koen Vandersteene 'Creativity in Systema' seminar Amsterdam.

10 July - Systema Amsterdam 'Summer Training & BBQ 2016' Amsterdam.

4- 17 April - Visiting Vladimir Vasiliev at Systema Toronto HQ incl Improvised Weapons seminar Toronto Canada. 

16- 20 March - Alexander Andreychenkov 'Power of Movement' seminar Amsterdam. 

26 Feb - Systema Amsterdam starts 'Self Defense of Students Wenckebachweg' because of some issues at that part of Amsterdam.


20 Dec - Arend Dubbelboer 'End of the Year' seminar Amsterdam. 

12- 13 Sep- Kwan Lee "Systema' seminar Amsterdam. 

26 July - Fabien Ferve 'Systema Besoncon meets Systema Amsterdam.

5 July - Systema Amsterdam 'Summer Training & BBQ 2015' Amsterdam. 

25 May -Gertjan Jongh & Patrick van het Nederend 'Freedom of Movement' seminar Bergen aan Zee.  


21 - 23 Nov- Josofath Herrera 'Conscious in Motion' seminar Amsterdam. 

25 & 26 Oct - Matt Hill 'Aikido & Systema' seminar Amsterdam. 

12 Jan - Arend Dubbelboer 'Opening Systema Amsterdam Group' seminar Amsterdam. 

-  " I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Systema Amsterdam for their hospitality, care and professionalism in pulling off a very successful seminar in beautiful Amsterdam. The open, welcome and non- political energy of their group towards everyone is commendable and should stand as an example to groups around the world" 

- Kwan Lee (Senior instructor/ Systema Saettle) 

"The weekend was really good altogether: great training, fantastic location and well organized, nice people and lovely dinner on Saturday night. This was my first trip to Amsterdam and I really enjoyed it. You guys were all very relaxed and easy to socialize with which made the training atmosphere optimal I think. Thank you for helping me out with all the information and taking good care of me during the weekend"

- Mats Stromgren (Visitor from Sweden)

"Patrick is a great teacher and perfect host when you visit Amsterdam. Just a really nice guy like all of the Systema instructors"

- Micheal Saywood (Systema instructor England)