'Join Patrick van het Nederend and experienced instructor for regular classes and seminars' 

- Vladimir Vasiliev (Systema Master Toronto HQ)

'This is a great group led by a solid and cool instructor' 

- Kwan Lee (Senior Instructor Systema Seattle)

'Unbelievable what an impact the short, relaxed punches have and the effectiveness of systema breathing. After the first lesson  I could keep myself more calm in a stressful work situation. It is so simple, but I do not know any training methods that train in this way!'

-  No name (Police officer Amsterdam)

'Great skillful instructors, by far the best Systema in Amsterdam' 

- Koen Vandersteene (Systema Belgium HQ)

'I have been in training in fighting sports for years and been in al lot  of  schools but the level and knowledge about fighting of this school is very high and out of the box!' - Chris (student of Systema Amsterdam)

'it remains unbelievable to see how effective systema is, through small movements and minimal effort, to gain complete control over the situation'

- No name (Police officer Amsterdam)

'Patrick van het Nederend is a highly qualified teacher! The people training at Systema Amsterdam are serious, heart warming and welcoming. It's a great pleasure to train there. Definitely go there and train!

- Gertjan Jongh (Systema instructor Alkmaar)

'A great teacher with a great team behind him!!'

-Markus Grimm (Systema instructor Germany)

'I trained with Patrick at tje Legends in the UK and he is very talented Systema instructor and a very nice bloke!'

- Edmund Roberts (Systema instructor England)

'Wow, that was fun! This is a great class with very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I didn't have a martial arts background or know much about systema but this didn't seem to matter. We moved a lot! Rolling, squatting, crouching, on our own and in groups, new movements that I've never done before. My body is tired but my mind is racing! A great find!' 

- Ulick Burke (acupuncturist/body worker)

'Vladimir Vasiliev - Amsterdam says hello! Beautiful training today in Amsterdam with the very talented Patrick van het Nederend. Thank you my friend! Also - was great to meet new friends form Singapore and Germany' 

- Sal Costa (Student Systema Toronto HQ)

'I love Systema Amsterdam trainings because they are all about understanding your own body first. Its about learning how to breath & working with your won limits. Its not about brutally or strength but efficiency and tactics. And Patrick is an amazing instructor' 

- Simona (student of Systema Amsterdam)

'Systema Amsterdam is the place to get to know yourself. The place where you can push your limits. It teaches to know your body and to relax in stressed moment, not only during combats but you realize you can use it during daily life'

- Vivian Dabrowski (student of Systema Amsterdam) 


 'I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Systema Amsterdam for their hospitality, care and professionalism in pulling off a very successful seminar in beautiful Amsterdam. The open, welcome and non- political energy of their group towards everyone is commendable and should stand as an example to groups around the world' 

- Kwan Lee (Senior instructor/ Systema Saettle) 

'The weekend was really good altogether: great training, fantastic location and well organized, nice people and lovely dinner on Saturday night. This was my first trip to Amsterdam and I really enjoyed it. You guys were all very relaxed and easy to socialize with which made the training atmosphere optimal I think. Thank you for helping me out with all the information and taking good care of me during the weekend'

- Mats Stromgren (Visitor from Sweden)

'Patrick is a great teacher and perfect host when you visit Amsterdam. Just a really nice guy like all of the Systema instructors'

- Micheal Saywood (Systema instructor England)